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Create a Group

There are three types of information you'll need to provide when creating a new Google group: general information, group type, and basic permissions. To create a new Google group:

1. From the Home screen, click on the Create group button. The Create a group page is displayed.
2. Provide a Group name. 
Type a Group name in the 'Group name' field. Consider searching for existing groups to help you determine how to name your group (you’ll want a name that distinguishes your group from other groups).

3. Change the
Group email address if desired.
The group email address can be used by members to receive and respond to posts. By default, the group email address is generated from the group name. Modify this address if you do not like the default address.

4. Provide a Group description.
Type a group description in the 'Group description' field. The description should clearly identify the purpose of the group for prospective members.

5. Leave the
Group’s primary language as English.

6. Select a Group type to Email list unless you have a special need. Click here for more info on types of groups

7. Set basic permissions. Refer to Set basic permissions for further information on these options.

8. Click the Create group button. The group is created.

Once created you will receive a congratulations pop-up. Click on the Customize your group's settings link to finish configuring your group.