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Searching is the primary way to find everything in Gmail. Here are some search operators that can help you narrow down your Gmail search results:

To: From: and CC:

gmail advanced search to from cc resized 600
This is the most common of Gmail search types. In the search bar type "to:" and then start typing a name or address for auto-complete to kick-in. Select the name, press the space bar and type in a keyword or two. It works for to:, From: and cc:.

- minus

gmail advanced search minus sign
Use the minus (or dash) key to designate words you want eliminated from results. 

before: after: 

gmail advanced search before after
Use to set a date range. Note that the format when searching Gmail is YYYY/MM/DD.


gmail advanced search has attachment
Includes messages that only have attachments or whatever you specify. Can be combined with the above to show all attachments to or from a person. Start by typing "has" and check the dropwdown for additional options.

filename: PDF 

gmail advanced search part of filename
If you are looking for a specific file or file type you can include the filename: tag. Our example returns all PDF files. 


gmail advanced search with labels
This will search within labels in Gmail (also referred to as folders) Tags like in:Spam, in:trash or in:anywhere will include these labels which are not set by default.

is:unread is:read is:starred is:chat

gmail advanced search is starred read more
You can search the status of a message with the "is:" operator. This is helpful to search Google Chat messages as well by using the "is:" chat operator. Find all unread messages in Gmail quickly with just the "is:unread" search operator.

A full list of search operators as well as keyboard shortcuts can be found here.